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Heyyy.. I'm a certified Functional Nutritionist and I help people struggling with eczema clear their skin using the Eczema Relief Method so they can stop searching for that miracle cream.
Growing up I struggled with my skin big time. Dry, flaky, itchy red rashes all over my legs, arms, neck and face. You name it, I tried it.⁣⁣ EVERY cream, ALL of the specialists, bleach baths and ALL of the diets, supplements and detoxes. ⁣⁣ But I would always be back at square one... Struggling with another flare up.
In my mid twenties a parasite, compounded with the stress of uni, triggered a horrendous eczema flare up that lasted the best part of a year. I was triggered by EVERYTHING. Food, dust mites, change of weather, stress and my own sweat.
I spent years trial and error-ing different diets and protocols on myself, investing money on allergy and intolerance tests but couldn't understand why my skin wouldn’t clear.  

It wasn’t just the itchy red rashes that bothered me. It was being up all night scratching, it was the stress it put on my relationship, feeling self conscious and not wanting to go to social events.
That's when it became my mission to find a solution and the root cause.
This journey is what led me to a degree in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine and creating the Love Your Skin program and the Eczema Relief Method. 
A proven method that I use on all of my clients to help them take control of their flare ups and get better, healthier skin so they can go back to living life confident and free.

The journey has been life changing for me and now all of my clients 💕